'The Cacophony Society' is More than Just a Clown Show
OC Register February 10, 2012
By Richard Chang
Top 10 Area Art Exhibitions of 2011
OC Register December 23, 2011
By Richard Chang
Crossing the Pacific Ocean
Orange Coast December 22, 2011
By Anastacia Grenda
Interview with John D. Spiak
Creative Orange County November 7, 2011
By Susan L. Petrella
Critic's Choice: Grand Central Art Center
OC Register 2011
By Richard Chang
George Herms
Visual Art SourceOctober, 2011
By Liz Goldner

Inspiration Meets Chaos at Grand Central Art Center
Daily TitanSeptember 6, 2011
By Clark Pagaduan

SHAGOCpress Shag and His Trend Chasers
OC Weekly July 21, 2011
By Stacy Davies
JOHNpress Grand Central Names a New Director
OC Register July 19, 2011
By Richard Chang
HandPulled_press Shag at the Grand Central Art Center
Hi-Fructose July 11, 2011
By Ken
JLOCWpress Grand Central Presents a Retrospective on Janice Lowry
OC Register May 20, 2011
By Richard Chang
JLOCWpress 'The Curiosities of Janice Lowry' is a Heartbreaking Exhibition of Staggering Beauty
OC Weekly May 12, 2011
By Dave Barton

Lowbrow Art Thrives in Santa Ana with Suggestivism
OC Register February 11, 2011
By Richard Chang


Suggestivism is in the Realm of the Senses
OC Weekly February 10, 2011
By Stacy Davies


Openings: Suggestivism @ GCAC
Arrested Motion February 7, 2011
By Susie Lee


Art Beyond Laguna
Coast Magazine November 18, 2010
By Sarah Rose Attman


Conversation With Matthew Miller
Conversations: Artists Village Blog January 1, 2011
By Claudia Lavini


Joe Sorren Interruption
BL!SSS Magazine December 2010
By Greg Escalante and Nathan Spoor


Dual Exhibits
Inside CSUF November 12, 2010



An Interruption From Joe Sorren
Juxtapoz October 20, 2010
By Kristen Anderson


O.C. Day Trip: Santa Ana Artists Village
Sunset Magazine October 2010
Gina Sabatella


Curtains rise on art in Santa Ana
OC Register September 10, 2010
By Karen Tapia


It's OK for serious art to be funny
Los Angeles Times August 15, 2010
By Sharon Mizota


The Prince of Darkness Returns
OC Weekly July 29
By Dave Barton


100 Artists See Satan
Greer's OC July 15, 2010
Posted by Greer's OC


One Hundred Artists See Satan
Hi Fructose Magazine July 1, 2010
By Ken


100 Artists See Satan
Coast Magazine June 14, 2010
By Sarah Mosqueda


Grand Central Art Center Brings Back Satan
OC Register Arts Blog June 9, 2010
By Richard Chang

press87s 'Demoneater' at Grand Central Art Center
OC Register Arts Blog May 18, 2010
By Richard Chang
press86s Grand Central rolls out three striking shows
OC Register May 21, 2010
By Richard Chang
press86slipton Weapons of Mass Delusions Review
OC Weekly May 6, 2010
By Amanda Parsons
lipton85s LIpton Interview by writer Dave Barton: Eleven Questions for the Anti-Disney: Artist Laurie Lipton
Local Art Blog-OC Weekly May, 2010
By Dave Barton
press84s Laurie Lipton on the COVER of the May Artscene!
Artscene, May, 2010
Preview by Ray Zone
press82s The soul that remains
Orange Coast Magazine, April, 2010
By Anastacia Grenda

CSUF Grand Central Art Center resident sculptor...engineer...inventor David Brokaw is in Orange Coast Magazine! To read the full article, pick up a copy at Barnes and Noble.

Robot Boy
Orange Coast Magazine, March, 2010
By Barbara Thornburg


image 80s

CSUF Grand Central Art Center was featured in Riviera Magazine!

Art Collab: BC Space at Grand Central Art Center Groundbreaking Laguna gallery BC Space gets its due with an eclectic exhibit at Grand Central Art
Riviera Magazine, March, 2010
By Daniella Walsh



John Ginnaty featured in Artscene!

Continuing and Recommended Exhibitions
Artscene, March, 2010
By Liz Goldner


image81s Turning the mundane into art
The Daily Titan, February 10, 2010
By Adrian Gaitan

Exhibits around socal highlight photography
Orange County Register, February 5, 2010
By Richard Chang

press image Visual Arts Top 5 Events in Orange County: BC Space Retrospective Mything in Action
Orange County Register, February 5, 2010
press image Mythologizing the Martyrsof Iran at Grand Central Art Center
OC WEEKLY, December 2, 2009
By Dave Barton
press image Art Majors Collaborate With Tim Burton on Robot Boy Sculpture
Cal State Fullerton Inside On November 17, 2009
By Paula Selleck
press image Iranian Art Offers Window to Changing World
Orange County Register November 22, 2009
By Richard Chang
press image

Artist Spotlight : Makan Emadi
Orange Coast Magazine November 2009
By Anastasia Grenda

image 77 Allegedly: Hugh Brown Chainsaw Collection voted best art show of 2009!
OC WEEKLY October 8, 2009

Knee deep in dark vomit: an exclusive interview
Juxtapoz Magazine September 30, 2009
By Greg Escalante and Wendy Sherman

press image 75s


Grand Central Art Center Makes Way for Resident Art Show
OC WEEKLY Blog, September 23, 2009
By Nate Jackson

torres image


Paul Torres'Grand Central Art Center Show' Idiosyncratic Behavior
September 10, 2009
By Bill Grey

crumb image

R. Crumb’s “Underground” at Grand Central Art Center
Hi-Fructose Magazine, August 17, 2009



Actors explore their mental illness in new play
OC Register, July 26, 2009
By Courney Perkes

third tree play

Third Tree on the Left breaks through the stigma of mental illness
OC WEEKLY, July 22, 2009
By Joel Beers


exhibit image R. Crumb Retrospective at Cal State Fullerton: A Look Back at a Master of American Comics
LA WEEKLY, July 23, 2009
By Doug Harvey
exhibit image Grand Central Art Center goes underground with R. Crumb
OC Register, Saturday July 18, 2009
By Richard Chang
exhibit image Matisse Painted a Chainsaw. Well, Allegedly.
OC Weekly, May 7, 2009
By Dave Barton
exhibit image

First Decade of Artists Village Celebrated
Orange County Register, March 7, 2009
By Theresa Cisneros

exhibit image

A Decade of Art: CSUF Grand Central Art Center Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary
944 Magazine, March 2009
By Alex A. Kecskes
>> to see article:
-Pages 28-29

exhibit image

Main Event: Grand Central Art Center Turns 10!
Riviera Orange County/Modern Luxury Magazine, February 2009
By Riviera staff

exhibit image

OC Weekly, November 28, 2008
By Greg Stacy

exhibit image

Getting to the Bottom of Mel's Hole at the Grand Central Art Center
OC Weekly, October 2, 2008
By Greg Stacy

exhibit image

Inked Life: Deep Thoughts
Inked Magazine, September 2008
By Jennifer Chapman

exhibit image Amy Caterina Goes Green at Santa Ana's Grand Central Art Center
OC Weekly, July 24, 2008
By Greg Stacy
exhibit image

Top 5 Art Events: Visual Arts #1 pick is This used to be real estate, now it’s only fields and trees Amy Caterina’s installation
OC Register, July 2008
By Matthew Ralston

exhibit image

She gives a kidney to help a friend
The Orange County Register, July 2, 2008
By Richard Chang

exhibit image

Down to a Fine Art: Santa Ana’s Artists Village is a Wellspring of Creativity
944(Orange County) May, 2008
944 Staff

exhibit image

Bustin' Out at Santa Ana's Grand Central Art Center With the "Roll for a Cure" Show
OC Weekly, May 22, 2008
By Greg Stacy

exhibit image

Andy Warhol's Pretty Pals on Polaroid at Santa Ana's Grand Central Art Center
OC Weekly, April 17, 2008
By Greg Stacy

exhibit image

Gallery Gets Gifts from Andy Warhol: Foundation of Famed Artist Donates Photos to GCAC
City Line, May/June 2008
By David Frickman

exhibit image

Rare Andy Warhol photos on display in Santa Ana
The OC Register, April 18, 2008
By Richard Chang

exhibit image

Visual Art: Top Five Events, Grand Central Art Center S.O.S. Surfin’ U$A
Orange County Register, April 3, 2008
By Matthew Ralston

exhibit image

Pretty Ugly audio clipListen to audio tour
The New York Times: Sunday Book Review, February 24, 2008
By Steve Heller

exhibit image Three Is a Magic Number: An art ménage à trois at Grand Central
OC Weekly, February 2008
Greg Stacy
exhibit image Best of 2007: Jeffrey Vallance, “Relics and Reliquaries”
Art Forum, December 2007
By Ali Subotnik
exhibit image The Original Art of Basil Wolverton (Book Review)
Hi-Fructose Magazine
By “Atta”
exhibit image Visual Art: Top Five Events, Grand Central Art Center Glass and Ceramic Exhibition
Orange County Register, December 22, 2007
Matthew Ralston
exhibit image Vallance's containers hold contemporary relics
LA Times, AROUND THE GALLERIES : November 30, 2007
By Christopher Knight
exhibit image Just mad about Basil Wolverton
LA Times, Weekend Calendar : October 4, 2007
exhibit image The Artists’ Haven
The Daily Titan, CSUF 50th Anniversary Special Edition : 2007
exhibit image OC Best Art Gallery of 07 and Best Art Show: Pictures of a Gone World
OC Weekly: Thursday, September 20, 2007
exhibit image Pet Symmetry: Devolving with Mark Mothersbaugh’s ‘Beautiful Mutants’
OC Weekly: Thursday, September 20, 2007
By Greg Stacy
exhibit image Peek-a-Boo: Beautiful Mutants
OC Weekly: Thursday, September 13, 2007
By Leslie Agan
exhibit image Basil Wolverton: Beauty of the Beast: Getting’ Crazy with Mad’s maddest artist of all
OC Weekly: Thursday, September 13, 2007
By Greg Stacy
exhibit image Art Devo
CSUF Daily Titan: September 6, 2007
Mothersbaugh article/cover story
exhibit image

When A Problem Comes Along: Mothersbaugh whips it sort of ok
The District Weekly: September 12, 2007
Rebecca Schoenkopf

exhibit image

The Return of Basil Wolverton...
Supertouch Blog

exhibit image Finding Out of the Way Art in OC
OC Register: September 14, 2007
By Richard Chang
exhibit image

Alex Gross mixes art from many sources in Santa Ana show
OC Register : August 20, 2007

exhibit image

Masterpiece Mash Ups
Squeeze OC : August 17, 2007

exhibit image

Jeffrey Vallance: The Art of Self-Worship
L.A. Weekly : Thursday, June 27, 2007
By Doug Harvey

exhibit image

Late Bloomer; the long-deferred dream of Myron Conan Dyal
O.C. Weekly: Thursday, May 17, 2007

exhibit image

MIstress of Puppets
O.C. Weekly: Thursday, May 10, 2007

exhibit image Preview Newsletter
: May, 2007

Myron Conan Dyal was subjected to exorcisms rather than given medical care at the behest of his parents. It was not until he reached his fifties, that he was diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy, an affliction that he dismisses today as secondary to the power of his spiritual visions. And these visions make for a potent visual experience that eludes ready categorization (at CSUF Grand Central, Orange County). . . .no more available
exhibit image

Visions Made Real
O.C. Register: Wednesday, April 25, 2007
download to read

exhibit image

The Best of OC
La Ciudad: April 2007

exhibit image

Are We There Yet?
Two artists documented the U.S.'s changes by retracing their cross-country road trip of 35 years ago.

exhibit image

Exhibit: The changing face of America
OC Register: Sunday, September 3, 2006
Review: A conceptual exhibition looks at our country's evolving visual, psychological and political landscapes.

exhibit image Toyota Ad featuring Grand Central Art Center
exhibit image Punk's pioneer days
O.C. Squeeze : June 2006
Edward Colver chronicled the punk rock scene with his photographs during the '70s and '80s.
exhibit image

Available Blight
OCWeekly: June 2006
Edward Colver shot ’70s punks with available light and a dinky flash

exhibit image Shot in the Dark
Juxtapoz magazine: July 2006
by Larry Reid
exhibit image

Sandow Birk Goes to Hell
OCWeekly: February 22, 2006
by Rebecca Schoenkopf

exhibit image Sandow Birk
Artscene: March 2006
by Jody Zellen
exhibit image Artistic Pairing: Laurie Hassold
OC Squeeze: 11.03.06
by Jit Fong Chin
exhibit image The Saddest Place on Earth
OC Metro: December 1, 2005
by Jit Fong Chin
exhibit image Howe's Victorian Executive
Apparel News: 11.11.05
exhibit image In Magic Kingdom's shadow: Camille Rose Garcia conjures a nightmarish world of fantasy
OC Register: October 23, 2005
exhibit image Beyond Pretty: Seeing the world through the prism of provocative art
OC Metro: October 13, 2005
exhibit image Museum Treasures
Orange Coast Magazine: Sept. 2005
by Dawn Pettit | photography by Jason Wallis
exhibit image The art of singing life electric
OC Register: August 21, 2005
Review: Exhibit highlights technology's place in our lives, and how we live because of it.
exhibit image Pay Attention! "Exquisite Electric" demands you participate
OCWeekly: August 5- 11, 2005

exhibit image

Good &Evil
OC Register: July 18, 2004
By Richard Chang

exhibit image Devil Inside: ‘100 Artists See Satan’ gives Lucifer the beauty treatment
OC Weekly: July 16 - 22, 2004
by Rebecca Schoenkopf
exhibit image Satan Rears His...Creative Side
L.A. Splash Magazine
: July 16, 2004
By Rachel Heller
exhibit image 100 Artists See Satan
The Scruglet
Online article, writer not listed
exhibit image Coagula Art Journal
June 2004
by Nancy Spiller
exhibit image Heaven on Earth' for Kinkade fans: And for haters of Kinkade, there's ... 'Heaven on Earth'
San Diego Tribune: May 16, 2004
by Robert L. Pincus
exhibit image Thomas Kinkade curated by Jeffrey Vallance
Art Scene: May 2004
by Peter Clothier
exhibit image The Wal-Mart of Christ
Cal State University Long Beach, Published Online: April 30, 2004
by Sarah Jaffray
exhibit image Thomas Kinkade: Marketer of Lightness,
Wally Bock’s Monday Memo Newsletter: April 30, 2004
exhibit image Thomas Kinkade Gets First Museum Show
Art Daily: April 21, 2004
exhibit image Out of the Temple: Kinkade makes the baby Jesus cry
OC Weekly
: April 9-15, 2004
by Rebecca Schoenkopf
exhibit image Painted into a corner?
LA Times: April 4, 2004
By Hunter Drohojowska-Philp
exhibit image

The Fine Art of Controversy
OC Register Newspaper: April 3, 2004
By Richard Chang

exhibit image Often-scorned, but popular artist Thomas Kinkade gets first museum exhibit
KCAL NEWS from Associated Press: April 3, 2004
exhibit image Artbeat
Riviera Magazine: December 2003, pp. 222-223
by Daniella Walsh
exhibit image JERRY ROTHMAN
Artscene magazine: December 2003
by Daniella Walsh
exhibit image Rothman's clay is far from earthbound
A retrospective shows humor, social commentary and the artist's technical achievements.
Orange County Register: November 30, 2003
exhibit image The clay's the thing for this renegade sculptor
Los Angeles Times: Saturday, November 22, 2003
By David Pagel
exhibit image Very Picasso!: Laguna Beach roundup
OC Weekly: November 14 - 20, 2003
by Rebecca Schoenkopf
exhibit image Showcasing feats of clay
Several O.C. art venues get fired up over works of ceramic art.
The Orange County Register: November, 9, 2003

exhibit image Been there, smashed that
Salon.com: May 30, 2002

By Douglas Cruickshank

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